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Wood Pergolas by Archadeck

Focal Point Pergola for Outdoor Living Space, by Archadeck

Today’s pergola designs come in various materials, colors, shapes and sizes.

And with this wide variety of designs you might ask, “How do I begin planning my new pergola?”

That’s where a great contractor, like Archadeck, comes in.

Experienced builders will walk you through each decision-step to ensure you’ll love the look of a pergola for any deck, patio, pool, spa, hot tub or garden.

In the right setting, pergolas are a favorite structure among St. Louis homeowners because they provide shade, define areas, act as gateways and truly create an ‘outdoor room’ for a gorgeous backyard setting.

Suggested readingPergolas are outdoor rooms with a sky view too.

Free Standing Pergolas, St. Charles County by Archadeck

Free Standing Pergola in St. Charles County by Archadeck

The absolute best place to begin the planning process for a pergola is to look at images and decide what appeals to you.  Pretty simple for starters.

Things to consider as you’re taking the ‘virtual’ pergola-tour:

  • Building Materials and Size
  • Style, Shape and Color
  • Free Standing or Attached

View the slide show below to see images of awesome shade pergolas designed and built by Archadeck. Read the rest of this entry »

Custom Decks Designed and Built by Archadeck in St. Louis Mo

Deck with Vinyl Rails, Chesterfield, St. Louis West County, by Archadeck

The Labor Day holiday weekend has passed.

Children are fully back in the routine of school or have moved off to college.

These events, and cooler weather, are indicative that our St. Louis summer is finally winding down which means it’s an ideal time for planning and building your new outdoor living space.

In today’s market, outdoor living structures such as decks, are a home improvement project that:

  • provide a solid and safe return on investment
  • increase your home’s square footage, economically
  • create that ‘oh-so-special-spot’ for enjoying the outdoors… reading, relaxing, grilling, dining, entertaining
  • add monetary and curb-appeal value to your home with a high-dollar, return on investment
Two Story Decks, Chesterfield Mo, by Archadeck

Two Story Deck in St. Louis, Mo – Chesterfield area, by Archadeck

Featured here is a cedar two-story, multilevel deck in the Chesterfield area, with vinyl rails, deck lighting and a vinyl shade pergola.  This is an outstanding example of a deck designed to fit a homeowner’s exact needs, space, personal style and budget… with room to grow.

The customer lives in St. Louis West County with a wooded lot and beautiful scenic view.

First, Archadeck designed a two story, multilevel deck to connect each of the home’s level to one another as well as the backyard.

Second, we designed the deck to access and accommodate the contour of a sloping backyard while maintaining natural views and shade.

Third, the project incorporated lighting as an aesthetic and safety feature for night-time deck usage. Read the rest of this entry »


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