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There’s no need to head inside just because cooler temperatures are on the way.  There’s still plenty of time to enjoy outdoor living.

Composite Deck with Built In Lighting by Archadeck

Composite Deck with Built In Lighting by Archadeck

The weather is stellar and the scenery, magnificent.  Don’t miss out!

So what makes the best outdoor spaces this fall?

With just a few simple features you can totally enjoy an already awesome season, outside.

Best of all, these ideas don’t have to break-the-bank.


With shorter days, lighting extends the use of an outdoor space once the sun goes down.

For a few hundred dollars, built-in lighting systems can be incorporated into a deck, screened porch, gazebo or even a pergola.

Typically lighting for decks is accomplished with step riser, rail and post lights; post cap, solar and rope lighting.

If you’d really like to splurge, explore professional systems that illuminate your entire property with companies like Outdoor Lighting Perspectives.

On the other end of the spectrum, if you’d prefer to keep cost way down,  create a festive glow for an evenings outside with decorative lanterns, solar tiki torches and flameless candles too.  One particular image on Pinterest, ‘Tiki Torch Bouquet’, is quite popular.  It’s clever, fun and easy to make!  Check it out here.

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